Fruit and vegetable producers and exporters - Puglia

Frudis s.r.l. is one of the leading producers and exporters of fruit and vegetables that are typical of Puglia, a region dedicated to the production of seeded and seedless table grapes, cherries, watermelons, potatoes, cruciferous vegetables, salad vegetables and others. Although Frudis s.r.l. remains a relatively young company, it is dynamic, innovative and deeply rooted in the authentic fruit and vegetable growing culture here in Puglia, the Dipierro family, who owns the Frudis s.r.l. company and brand, has three generations of experience in the fruit and vegetable sector, using completely natural and eco-friendly processes.
Frudis s.r.l. provides producers with advice on production guidelines, offering production specifications and directives on the use of plant protection products in order to guarantee top quality healthy fruit and vegetables for the end consumer.
For some time, the company has been implementing integrated production systems, a cultivation method that offers advantages in terms of product quality through the use of environmentally-friendly techniques for healthy produce.
Crop planning at Frudis s.r.l. is carried out in collaboration with our farms and associates, with a view to offering a wide range of GLOBAL GAP and GRASP certified products.
Frudis s.r.l. is the ideal partner for any customer wishing to operate on the market in a competitive and innovative way, thanks in part to the wide range of packaging we have available.  Another one of our strengths is the flexible logistics system that enables us to take our products to the key national and international markets within 12-48 hours of an order being placed.
Frudis s.r.l strives to meet quality, technology and sustainable development requirements.
Our objectives include a desire to stay in line with the times and the markets; our investments, passion and enthusiasm are a testament to the position that we have established and maintained.