a land with a natural vocation for growing fruit and vegetables with their own unique flavour.


We have always believed in our work and our efforts to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. That is why we select the finest produce from our fields just for you, overseen by our employees and colleagues at every stage, to bring freshness and authenticity to your table every day.
We have been honoured to hold this responsibility for more than three generations, allowing us to build a reputation for dedication and reliability.

Products calendar

Our production and packaging plants guarantee that our products comply fully with EU regulations, while our cold-storage facilities ensure that products retain their freshness and flavour.
Thanks to our many years of experience, we bring top quality fruit and vegetables to your table for your daily enjoyment and wellbeing.
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Discover the delights of the winter season

At FRUDIS, the winter season is upon us, paving the way for winter.
We have Cauliflowers and Savoyes, Kohlrabi and Broccoli, and all types of Salads ready to meet any customer request. Our products are harvested directly by us from our own fields and are ready to delight your palate with their freshness and good taste. The season has only just started and this section of our website is dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on all our latest news, as every day we work wholeheartedly for you. Frudis srl , NATURALLY GOOD.

Camilla top quality line

We are extremely proud of our CAMILLA line, our top quality range of table grapes with unique sensory properties, processed with special care to offer the most discerning customers an even more refined and natural flavour.
uva camilla


Driven by its NATURALLY–ORGANIC slogan, Frudis s.r.l. has embraced the ORGANIC world, aiming to minimise external inputs and preserve the natural fertility of the soil, allowing the natural mechanisms and equilibrium to create a NATURALLY–ORGANIC product.

Fruit logistica

Berlin 2022!
5-6-7 April 2022
Hall 4.2 Stand 4
We would like to invite you to our stand on the Fruit Logistica 2022 Berlin.
Let’s share our passion for fruits and vegetables. Take a load off and make yourself at home at Hall 4.2 Stand 4!