“Genius” Cherry Tomato

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Cherry Tomato
Variety of small tomato; its fruits grow in clusters and each cluster can be made up of twenty-five cherry tomatoes. The fruits of this vegetable are round, dense, intensely red, very fragrant, extremely sweet and have a high yield. They have various organoleptic characteristics, all share a lasting, intense flavour and provide a high sugar content. They are used extensively when preparing food such as salads, but they are also eaten on their own. Thanks to the great adaptability of this plant, the cherry tomato does not require a specific climate or environment. However, this type of vegetable does prefer the temperate and warmer climates of the southern regions. This tomato is harvested by hand, when the fruits are a beautiful, bright red colour. You can pick the tomatoes individually or by the cluster by cutting it off with scissors. They have an excellent consistency and resist well to cracking.

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