Food certification and quality fruit and vegetables

Frudis s.r.l. has adopted the key certification standards for its national and international retailers, namely BRC and IFS, and organic certification for its packaging facility, as well as GLOBAL GAP option 2 with the GRASP module.

Through the GRASP protocol, provisions concerning ethics and employer responsibilities are acknowledged and adopted, in the belief that a better working environment motivates employees to play a positive role in creating a calmer, more productive, healthier and safer climate.

Last but not least, we are fully committed to minimising the environmental impact of our production processes through the correct management of waste, water and energy, as laid out in our environmental policy.

All of this can be traced back to Frudis s.r.l.’s key commitment: supplying safe products that meet legal and environmental requirements as well as our customers’ needs.

BRC certificate

IFS certificate

GLOBAL GAP certificate